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Fejes Art Academy Association combines Hungarian musical traditions with an innovative educational method, thus implementing the supporting of talent in Hungary and abroad in the form of master classes, concerts and all-arts festivals. The members of our dynamic team have significant professional experience in all areas of music, fine arts, education, and organizing cultural events.

Fejes Krisztina

About us

The aim of Fejes Art Academy Association is to care for, train and socially support young talents in Hungary and abroad. Pianist Krisztina Fejes, a pianist with roots in Transylvania, has been leading an innovative talent development program with international artist friends, cultural leaders, instrument experts and media partners since its establishment in 2020. Fejes Art Academy Association strives to help the development and career orientation of as many talents as possible with real values ​​in both domestic and international art life, and to provide long-term support for young people in all areas of talent training. In addition to master classes, concerts and music festivals, she develops a study scholarship scheme involving an ever-expanding circle of patrons and friends. This social engagement allows culture lovers to be actively involved in the life and value creation of the next generation.


Our goals

Master courses


Art teachers with internationally recognized and modern teaching methods.

Személyre szabott képzés

Personalized education

Long-term further learning opportunities in the framework of talent management

Magyar tradíciók

Hungarian traditions of music education

Conveyance of Hungarian musical traditions in educational and art programs



Facilitate performance opportunities for talented students



International all-arts festivals

Ösztöndíj program

Scholarship programs

Constantly expanding international partnerships

Mentoráció és patronálás

Patrons Club

The social role of patrons in value creation


Featured artists

Courses, concerts and festivals held by international artists